Wellness Experiences

Costa Rica has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for wellness travel, and for several amazing reasons.  Costa Rica is a green utopia, where renewable energy has been produced for almost an entire year like no other country in the world. Costa Rica is the only country in the world measuring the direct impacts of ecotourism on the economy. This with a structured system to assist hotels in developing actions to operate effectively while respecting the environment. Costa Rica is also the only country in the Western Hemisphere with no army since 1948, creating a society that simply doesn't know what a war tank is, and where there is respect and love for each other and the earth. "Pura Vida" (translated to pure life) is not only the motto of the country's people, but it is a culture that they truly live up to, where happy people honor their country and there is a genuine way of being and treating one another. Let's not forget that despite being such a small country (just 0.01 of the planet's surface), Costa Rica has more than 6% of the entire Earth´s plants and animals thriving here, making it the most biodiverse country in the world. In fact, there is one region that is even called the most biologically intense place on earth according to National Geographic: The Osa Peninsula. When you visit Costa Rica, you are able to truly immerse yourself in nature and some of the destinations will offer a natural retreat in and of itself; secluded and raw, just the way earth was and still is. It is in moments like these that we have wellness travel experiences.

Costa Rica offers some of the best wellness properties, yoga retreats, amazing spas, hot springs and delicious organic food. When you combine these factors with the natural beauty of the country, the gentleness of their people and their Pura Vida lifestyle, you get amazing wellness travel experiences that you can't find anywhere but in Costa Rica.