Wellness Weddings in Costa Rica

Isaac Garcia has helped hundreds, literally, of weddings couples making their ideal travel experience for their guests a smooth process. Almost 9 years of experience with destinations weddings in Costa Rica, all sizes and budges and from all over the world, it´s what makes me a great facilitator in this process. 

I only work with certain properties, but for sure they are the best ones in each area. 

Weddings planners in Costa Rica, I can tell you which ones are good based on my experience with my past clients. 

My work in the travel industry in Costa Rica started with destination weddings. I had to find venues and hotels for my clients all over the country based on what they were envisioning, their budget and ideal scene. It´s my work to match that ideal scene. 

I have partnered with some great properties and wedding planners in Costa Rica to assist clients with their destination weddings. Travel experiences for wedding groups are not the same as a vacation family itinerary. In weddings, there is much work,  the reality is that everything is emotional, it is beyond important that everything is perfect, and not just that, it is important that I do my job on time and it has to deliver. This means,  that I don't hesitate in giving my advise to wedding couples about the right steps to put out there to create a smooth traveling experience for the wedding couple but also for their guests. 

If you are bringing a group of people to Costa Rica, you better block some rooms for them in advance. It is a tourism based country. A very popular destination. Hotel rooms and villas will be more expensive at the last minute. 

How far in advance should you be making your destination wedding plans? A year in advance at least. 

Where should I start? Finding the venue. 

and then? Accommodations for your guests. 

Wedding planner, yes or no? Depending on what you envision. Some hotels and villas are great in providing good products without a wedding planner. And if you envision something very simple, then, you are fine without one. Personally, I only work with the best photographers, the best lawyers, hotels and wedding planners. 

One of the last wedding groups was from a man who got married in Costa Rica 15 years ago. He returned to do a vowel renewal with her wife and now two girls. When he called me, he knew more about Costa Rica than me and so full of love for the country. He wanted to show her daughters, how amazing this country was and why he decided to marry here. We created a customized itinerary going everywhere in Costa Rica,lietarally, and finally, the surprise of a vowel renewal ceremony for her wife at the same beach where they got married many years ago. One of my dearest friend and lawyer married them 15 years ago and she had the blessing to be there for them again. Ceremony was magical and very spiritual, the sunset was spectacular. The photographer enjoyed every minute of this family and moment. It was something small for a group of 12 people traveling all over Costa Rica and ending this trip with such a magical gift for the wife. Truly memorable. This is what I am taking about, I am here to assist you to create experiences that will last for years. The ones that will make you come back to Costa Rica. 

Some samples of our wedding travel groups: 

Kelly & jonathan

Sean & Kira