Blue Osa

The Blue Osa Wellness Experience is definitely one of the best investments you can make on yourself. The retreat is located in the Osa Peninsula, considered the most biological intense place on earth, according to National Geographic. If you want to see the real Costa Rica, this is the area to visit. Just the short fly from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez is magical.

Blue Osa is a place that will make you stop and disconnect. There are no distractions as in a regular touristy town. Not here. You will have to your disposal a large secluded beautiful beach. If you walk on the beach your only company will be the Blue Osa labrador dogs, the scarlet macaws and the monkeys. Walking on this beach is a great way to meditate before your morning yoga lesson.

At Blue Osa you will have the blessing to practice yoga at a stunning studio. It is considered to be one of the best yoga studios in the world. It is a large  and tall wide open space where the ocean breeze comes in. The view  from the studio second floor is a gorgeous zen garde,  and the ocean is just right there in front of you. This makes it a great combination to feel really lucky to be there.

Silence is practiced at Blue Osa during the mornings until certain hour, which allows guests to start the day quietly. If you want to practice morning meditations in complete silence in the yoga studio, please, go for it. This is a lifetime opportunity to listen to the incredible sounds of nature waking up. What a concert! 

Be prepared to enjoy farm to table meals, all organic and fresh ingredients coming directly from their farm across the street. This is the advantage of being in the middle of nowhere: you get food that is grown right there, and of course with no chemicals. As an eco-friendly retreat, the energy is produced with solar panels, as there is no electricity, that´s how you will get hot water on your showers and the light at night time.

Blue Osa will offer you the space for a great wellness vacation in Costa Rica. You will feel relaxed, happy, nurtured, and hopefully at peace at the end of your week. Whatever is the purpose that is bringing you to a yoga retreat, Blue Osa is for sure a great bridge to go through that process. 

Local Flights, special discount for the Blue Osa Guests, please, send us an email using our CONTACT FORM

If you already have your international flight information, please include it in the form. We will book your local flights accordingly.

Or just give us a call, Toll Free:  1-844-628-4982 ext.402
We will be happy to assist you. 

PS. We encourage you to arrive in Costa Rica a day before the retreat starts. 
Remember, international flights during the winter time get delayed or canceled. 

Options for exploring Costa Rica before & after your yoga retreat.